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Occupy Bournemouth protesters to be evicted

image captionProtesters arrived outside Bournemouth University on Friday 9 March
Protesters from the Occupy movement who set up camp outside Bournemouth University will be evicted in the coming days.
Talbot Village Trust, a charity which owns the land near Talbot campus, has been granted a possession order.
Meanwhile, the university has been given an interim injunction to stop the activists moving on to the campus.
Protester Gary Sherborne said they would leave peacefully.
A spokesman from Talbot Village Trust was not available for comment.
Mr Sherborne said they would "pack up their tents and probably leave the land in better order than it was before".
He added he could not reveal Occupy Bournemouth's next destination but that the eight protesters at a meeting on Friday agreed they "would not target the university".
The activists had originally set up camp outside the campus to demand a meeting with the university's chancellor, UK Supreme Court President, Lord Phillips.
A university spokesman said it obtained the interim injunction "to prevent any movement of the Occupy camp on to the University's campus".
He added: "The university has taken this action to prevent further disruption to students and staff and to ensure that their safety and security are paramount."

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