Wallaby filmed in Dorset woman's garden

A wallaby has been filmed hopping around a garden in Dorset before it escaped over a neighbouring fence.

Jan Cooper said she was having a coffee when she spotted the marsupial at her home in Blue Waters Drive, Lyme Regis, just after 0700 BST.

She called the RSPCA but the wallaby fled after about 90 minutes.

It is unclear where the animal came from but the RSPCA said a number of them live wild in the UK. The charity told people not to approach the animal.

Mrs Cooper said: "I was having a coffee and first saw a fox and texted my husband, which he wasn't that impressed by, then five minutes later I texted him to say we had a wallaby bounding around.

'Call helpline'

"It was a big shock, I didn't know how close to get to it but it seemed happy enough.

"It looked healthy and cared for. A policeman arrived but the animal jumped over the fence before the RSPCA arrived and we haven't seen it since."

Dorset Police said a search was carried out but nothing was found.

The RSPCA said one of its officers was called to the incident but the animal had fled.

A spokeswoman said there has not been any reports of escaped animals in the area.

She added: "We've spoken to an expert and apparently there are a number of wallabies which live wild in the UK.

"If anyone sees it we would urge them to call our helpline on 0300 123 4999.

"We urge people not to approach the animal or touch it, not because it will necessarily become violent, but you may do it more harm than good."

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