Dorset Police criticise 'rude' crash delay drivers

Police have criticised "rude" and "impatient" drivers after a main route was closed for two hours after a crash.

A motorbike and cyclist were overtaking a line of slow traffic in Blandford Road, Dorset, when they collided before the motorcycle hit a car.

The 32-year-old cyclist was taken to hospital with serious leg injuries. The 41-year-old motorbike rider suffered facial injuries and a broken nose.

Police asked drivers to be more patient when caught up in road closures.

'Their families'

Sgt Steve Quill, from Dorset Police, said: "A great many local motorists who were unfortunately caught up in the delays showed little or no patience with officers.

"Many did not accept that the road had to be closed at all, or did not follow instructions as to alternative routes.

"I am sure if these impatient or rude drivers had someone from their families involved in this collision they would want the incident investigated fully.

"We never close the road unless it is absolute necessary.

"We do please ask for those caught up in delays to remain patient and calm."

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