Poole cemeteries running out of burial space

Public cemeteries in Poole in Dorset are running out of space.

The council is planning to reopen two cemeteries, that were closed to burials in the 1980s, to cope with demand.

Longer term solutions that are being considered include using space above existing graves or moving remains.

Space at the two remaining cemeteries, Broadstone and Parkstone, is described as "extremely limited" and will run out within a year if nothing is done.

New cemetery created

Reopening Poole and Branksome cemeteries will provide burial space for another five years, during which time a new cemetery can be created on council-owned land at Canford Magna, councillor Peter Adams told the BBC.

Mr Adams, who is in charge of cemeteries at the council, said: "It is an extremely difficult and sad situation and we've been considering this for some period of time.

"When we closed the two previous cemeteries there was a lot of space at the remaining two cemeteries.

"Unfortunately with the increasing population and the increasing age of the average population in Poole there has been a high usage.

"It has reduced the number of spaces so we have to reconsider the reopening of the two previous cemeteries."

The council cabinet will meet on Tuesday night to decide on what action to take.

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