'On break' Weymouth birth paramedic 'refused to help'

An ambulance paramedic put the life of an unborn baby at risk by refusing to take the mother to hospital while he was on a break, a tribunal has heard.

The woman was having problems during a home birth in Weymouth last year and midwife Shirley Pike rang 999.

Ian Radford arrived but refused to take the woman to hospital because he had been working more than seven hours without a break, the hearing was told.

Mr Radford denies four charges. A ruling is expected in November.

The Health Professions Council heard a second ambulance arrived 11 minutes later and took the woman to hospital where she had a healthy baby in May 2009.

Midwife Ms Pike told the hearing there was "complete inaction" by Mr Radford and an unnamed technician who both arrived in an ambulance.

She said they did not enter the house and would not transfer the patient to hospital.

"They didn't acknowledge the patient. Nobody came in to say 'hello' to her, to ask if she had enough pain relief, or to apologise to her," Ms Pike added.

'No evidence'

"They did nothing, absolutely nothing."

Mr Radford denies the charges, which include misconduct and being unfit to practise as a paramedic.

His barrister Roderick Moore said: "There was no evidence that Mr Radford was ever asked to assess the patient.

"No evidence from anyone he ever refused to assess the patient.

"The instruction was for crew two to convey, not crew one"

Mr Radford, who was sacked in July last year following an internal investigation, faces being struck off if the charges are proven.

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