Tyler Peck drugs death: Mum 'suspected son of stealing'

Holly Strawbridge
Image caption Holly Strawbridge said she found it "extremely difficult controlling Tyler"

A mother accused of giving her son prescription drugs that led to his death told a court she suspected he had been stealing drugs from her.

Tyler Peck, 15, was found dead at his mother Holly Strawbridge's home the morning after a drugs binge, Plymouth Crown Court heard.

Tyler died from an overdose of morphine drug Oramorph and Gabepentin.

Mrs Strawbridge, 34, of Salcombe, Devon, denies two counts of supplying a class-A drug and two of child cruelty.

The defendant told the court she gets a number of prescription drugs for depression and to ease pain from fibromyalgia.

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Image caption Tyler Peck was found dead at his mother's house in Salcombe, Devon

As well as Oramorph and Gabapentin, she is also prescribed Diazepam, Amitriptyline and Tramadol.

The court heard a police officer called to the house after Tyler died, on 2 February, had found clothes and prescription drugs "strewn around" Mrs Strawbridge's bedroom.

Mrs Strawbridge, who lives with four young children at the house, said Tyler had "picked the lock" to a cupboard in the kitchen where she kept Amitriptyline.

'House to get hammered'

"My medication seemed to be going down quicker," she said.

Mrs Strawbridge said she found it "extremely difficult controlling Tyler".

"He was drinking all the time and his moods were up and down," she said.

"He was very forceful and I was scared of him."

Prosecuting barrister Peter Coombe said according to a boy who was with Tyler on the evening before he died, Mrs Strawbridge had been putting Oramorph and other drugs into their drinks.

Mr Coombe also said there were separate claims by another witness the defendant had been supplying Tyler with drugs for two years before he died.

Her home was known as a place to "get hammered", said another witness.

Another witness said she saw Mrs Strawbridge showing Tyler how to snort crushed-up pills, said Mr Coombe.

He asked Mrs Strawbridge if she had ever supplied Tyler or anyone else with drugs and she said "No".

The case continues.

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