Speech time limits imposed on Jersey States members

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A limit of 15 minutes will be imposed on most speeches made in the chamber

Jersey States members will only be allowed to speak for 15 minutes when delivering some speeches.

Members in Jersey voted in favour of the proposal put forward by Deputy Russell Labey by 26 to 19.

Deputy Labey said his plan will ensure every member who wishes to speak in the chamber will be able to.

The change will not impose time limits on members bringing propositions, and politicians can ask to speak for longer.

Constable Deidre Mezbourian said the imposition of time limits was an "infringement" and "violation" of members' democratic right to address the assembly.

'Ears bleeding'

However, Deputy Labey said he recalled times with members when their ears were "bleeding" due to long speeches.

He added: "It is universally better when someone has their eye on the clock."

Time limits as short as three minutes have been imposed on politicians in the UK's House of Commons.

The changes in Jersey are due to be implemented following the installation of digital clocks in the States Chamber in 2020.

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