Torquay cliff-climbers looked 'close to disaster'

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The group was spotted on cliffs in Torquay

People spotted climbing up a cliff about 30ft (9m) above sea level appeared "close to disaster".

One bystander said they were "risking their lives", but the group told the BBC they were experienced climbers and were deep water soloing.

The popular spot called London Bridge in Torquay, Devon, is a well-tested area, according to one local coasteering company.

The RNLI warned not to climb on cliffs unless an expert had approved it first.

Image source, APEX
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The RNLI reminded people that cliffs could be "unstable and dangerous"

Seth Richards, who photographed the group from the top of the cliffs, said it looked "dangerous and crazy".

However, Seb Flynn said he and his friends had been climbing for years and there was no danger of hitting the rocks.

Deep water soloing is a form of climbing that relies on the water below to stop people getting hurt if they fall.

Ziggy Austin, from Rock Solid Coasteering which is registered with the National Coasteering Charter, said he was not aware of anyone in south Devon being injured while climbing in this format.

However, the area can be dangerous at times, with two boys being rescued from the same spot on Saturday after getting into trouble on the rocks.

An RNLI crew member climbed up the rocks to reach them before they were winched up to a coastguard helicopter.

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