Plymouth police free man handcuffed in 'bedroom antic'

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The man told police he had bought the handcuffs online

A handcuffed man was forced to visit a police station to ask to be freed after a "bedroom antic went wrong".

The "sheepish" man walked into Charles Cross station in Plymouth, Devon, on Wednesday asking for help, police said.

Officers tweeted they carried out "relevant checks" before freeing him from the restraints locked to one of his wrists.

He told police he had been using them in the bedroom and did not have a key. He gave up the cuffs for disposal.

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"I've seen lots of strange stuff in 20 years, but this is a first for us personally," one of the officers said.

"We couldn't work out if they were ex-police cuffs or how he got them but he said you can get them online.

"My colleague freed the male and then he said quietly that it was a bedroom antic gone wrong. All mid-afternoon too. The mind boggles."

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