Election Results: Lib Dems make gains across Devon

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Torbay ballot boxesImage source, TORBAY COUNCIL
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The Liberal Democrats gained five seats in Torbay

The Liberal Democrats made sweeping gains across Devon, gaining five seats in Torbay, 10 in North Devon and 15 in Teignbridge.

The party took control in Teignbridge and missed out of taking overall control of North Devon by one seat.

Labour unsurprisingly held majorities in Exeter and Plymouth, although MP Ben Bradshaw criticised their Brexit message as "unclear".

The Green Party won its first ever seat in Exeter.

Diana Moore becoming the councillor for the St David's ward.

The Conservatives lost control in Mid Devon, East Devon, and Torridge, but held South Hams and West Devon.

Liberal Democrat Jermaine Atiya-Alla, who was elected in Torbay, said: "It's a fantastic night we're having, especially in Torbay picking up seats where we've had hard-working candidates.

"With eight years of a Conservative government and the Brexit situation, I think people are just fed up," he added.

North Devon

The Liberal Democrats gained 10 seats in North Devon, while the Conservatives lost eight.

They now hold half the seats on the council, with one seat to be contested on 13 June.

East Devon

The Conservatives no longer have control of East Devon District Council after losing 22 seats.

Independents gained 18 seats and took control of the authority.

West Devon

The Conservatives have held West Devon Borough Council but have lost three seats.

Labour lost two seats while the Greens and Liberal Democrats gained two each.

Mid Devon

The Conservatives have lost control of Mid Devon District Council to no overall control.

The party lost 10 seats on the council while the Liberal Democrats gained seven and four went to independents.

South Hams

The Conservatives have held South Hams District Council but have lost nine seats.

Lib Dems gained eight seats and Labour lost one.


The Lib Dems have taken control of Teignbridge District Council.

The party has a total of 26 seats after it gained 15. The Conservatives lost 19 seats.


No party won a majority in Torbay, although the Conservatives have the most seats with fifteen, leading the Liberal Democrats by two.

Three Lib Dems were elected in Tormohun ward, meaning long-serving councillor Robert Excell lost his seat.

They also held Barton and Watcombe including Torbay Liberal Democrat leader, Steve Darling.


The Conservatives lost control of Torridge District Council after losing nine seats while independent candidates gained 13.

UKIP lost its six seats on the council while Labour gained two, taking its total to three.


The Green Party won its first ever seat in Exeter, with Diana Moore becoming the councillor for the St David's ward.

She said the "real hard work" begins now.

"There's certainly plenty of environmental issues as well as social issues that are taking place in the ward that people don't feel they're being heard about," she said.

Labour won nine out of 14 seats in Exeter, giving them a total of 29 - one fewer than previously held.

MP Ben Bradshaw said the party was losing votes due to the "lack of commitment to a confirmatory vote on Brexit".


Labour held every one of their seats in Plymouth and gained another, with Luke Pollard MP saying his local party members were "bucking the national trend, and showing what Labour can achieve".

On a difficult night for the Conservatives, they dropped behind UKIP in several Plymouth wards, including Ham, Devonport and Honicknowle.

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