Woman 'marries' duvet in ceremony to highlight loneliness

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Guests at Pascale Sellick's "marriage" were all dressed in their pyjamas

A woman has "married" her duvet in a ceremony to "promote self-love and self-care" before Valentine's Day.

Pascale Sellick, 49, wore her slippers and pyjamas as she committed to the "most intimate and reliable" relationship she has ever had.

About 120 people attended the ceremony in Exeter, where anyone was welcome as long as they wore bedroom attire.

It is not yet known if Ms Sellick, who has a long-term, human boyfriend called Johnny, will change her surname.

According to the "wedding register", the duvet's surname is "10tog".

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The "wedding register" refers to the groom as "Duvet 10tog"
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The duvet was draped over a chair as guests arrived at the wedding

The duvet's outfit, which was a secret until the big day, featured slogans such as "Duvet I love you" and "Be unique".

The Devon-based artist said her big day was inspired by friend and fellow artist Anna Fitzgerald, whom she hired to be her wedding planner.

Other performers played the roles of "mother of the duvet" and "mother of the bride", while an element of audience participation was involved during the vows, when the duvet remained tight-lipped.

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Other performers played the parts of "mother of the duvet" and "mother of the bride"
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Ms Sellick hired a friend to plan the big day