Escaped parrot recaptured with recording of brother's squawks

Sausage the parrot Image copyright Michelle Chubb
Image caption Owner Michelle Chubb lured Sausage the parrot back with a banana chip on her head

A parrot which went missing for two nights was recaptured after being coaxed back to her owner with a recording of her brother.

The six-month-old Amazon Maximilian's parrot flew out the family home in Totnes, Devon, on Sunday.

Owner Michelle Chubb said she had almost given up hope of getting their much-loved bird, called Sausage, back.

Her best friend, who owns Sausage's brother Chico, made a recording of the parrot on her phone.

Ms Chubb, 32, said: "We coaxed her down by calling out to her and playing Chico squawking, while I had a banana chip on my head."

Image copyright Michelle Chubb
Image caption Ms Chubb's daughters were devastated when Saugage went missing

Ms Chubb and her partner Adam Rowles, searched for Sausage on Sunday and Monday and even offered a £50 reward for the parrot's return.

"We all love her and our girls August and Lexi were devastated," she said. "Sausage flies up to say goodnight to them every night."

She added: "She spends more time flying around than in her cage, so when she saw the open door, there was no stopping her.

"We were so worried she wouldn't survive because it was freezing cold and wet."

The parrot was eventually found on Tuesday morning on Vire Island in Totnes.

"When she flew down, she bit my finger, but I don't care, I'm just so happy to have her back," Ms Chubb said.

Image copyright Michelle Chub
Image caption Sausage flies up to say goodnight to the children every night

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