Man died 'trying to stop dogs mating' on pheasant shoot

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Mr Drew had been taking part in a pheasant shoot with his cocker spaniel at a farm in Clayhidon, Devon

A man died four-and-a-half months after he was crushed trying to stop his dog, Rolo, mating with another, an inquest has heard.

Tony Drew, 64, lost his balance and fell off a trailer trying to restrain his excitable cocker spaniel on a shoot in Clayhidon, Devon, in 2016.

He died in hospital of complications due to his injuries the day before his birthday in April 2017.

His wife Bridget Drew described the death as a "tragic accident".

Mrs Drew described two-year-old Rolo as a "typical hyper cocker" who had been "trying to mate" with another dog at the time of the accident.

The court heard Mr Drew had been on a trailer towed by a tractor travelling at between 10 and 15mph when he lost his footing.

Ray Smith, who was also on the trailer, said Mr Drew was standing on a straw bale when he fell backwards and was run over by the trailer which was carrying 20 beaters and their dogs.

The inquest heard Mr Drew, a part time gamekeeper, suffered multiple serious chest injuries.

He died from respiratory failure caused by sepsis and viral pneumonia due to chest and abdominal injuries.

Philip Spinney, senior coroner for Exeter and Greater Devon, concluded the death was accidental.

"This was plainly a terrible accident," he told the hearing at Exeter's County Hall.

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