Newquay coastguard helicopter rescues diver in difficulty

UK Coastguard helicopter Image copyright Maritime and Coastguard Agency
Image caption The search and rescue helicopter flew the diver to a hyperbaric unit in Plymouth for treatment

A diver has been airlifted to a specialist hyperbaric unit after suffering from "the bends".

Coastguards received a Mayday broadcast from a dive vessel about 40 miles south of Plymouth shortly after 14:00 BST, reporting that one of their divers needed urgent assistance.

A search and rescue helicopter based at Newquay winched the diver from the sea and flew him to the Diving Diseases Research Centre for treatment.

His condition is not known.

Hyperbaric medicine is used to treat divers with decompression illness - commonly known as "the bends" - where gas bubbles form in tissues or the blood during a rapid ascent.

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