Name of woman WW1 volunteer added to war memorial

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Kitty Trevelyan
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Civilian volunteer Kitty Trevelyan died in France but her name was not included on a war memorial

A campaign to have a World War One volunteer recognised has kick-started a national project to include women's names on war memorials.

The name of Kitty Trevelyan, who served with Army Service Corps, was unveiled in a Devon village earlier.

The 19-year-old civilian volunteer was buried in France, but her name was not included on the war memorial in Meavy.

The group Wenches in Trenches had her name added as part of a project nicknamed Operation Kitty.

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Kitty Trevelyan's name is added to the war memorial

The group is a team of women who work to raise awareness and money for military causes.

Their new project, called Forgotten Women of War, was inspired by Kitty Trevelyan.

"It seems to be that it was just the attitude in 1920 not to put women on the war memorials," she said.

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The unveiling of the memorial marked 100 years to the day since Kitty Trevelyan died

Sue Robinson, who runs Wenches in Trenches, researched the story of Kitty, who she said died from measles and pneumonia and was buried in Wimereux.

The updated memorial was unveiled on the centenary of her death, 26 February 1917.

The group turned up no records of any family members or relatives, but it is believed she lived in Meavy before she went to France.

Ms Robinson said her group has uncovered hundreds of women who were involved in war, who have been omitted from memorials.

They are now working to have the names added, with some members of the public donating money to assist.

"They were just as important as the men who went to war. They were the women who looked after our granddads and great granddads when they were injured… they were just out there."

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