Devon estate building mix-up sees road divided by fence

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Media captionDrivers face a two-mile diversion round a housing estate split in two by a fence

A housing estate has been split in two by a fence because of a 1ft height difference in a road between two halves of the development.

The fence fiasco means a two-mile diversion for drivers to get down what should be one straight road in Dawlish.

Developers on each side of the dividing line are adamant they followed plans.

Planning authority Teignbridge District Council and roads authority Devon County Council are getting together in the New Year to try and sort it out.

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Image caption Delivery drivers are forced to take the long way round after meeting the fence

A number of different developers have built on the estate with their own individual planning permissions.

Carhaix Way is meant to join two neighbouring developments but there is about 1ft difference in the height between them.

Image caption A makeshift footpath connects the two sides of the fenced divide

Carhaix Way resident Kaylea Ibbeson said one delivery driver left a note on the fence rather than drive all the way round to her house.

"He said he was unable to deliver the item," she said.

Image caption Travelling by car from one side of the fence to the other is nearly two miles

Strongvox and Cavanna, the two developers either side of the Carhaix Way divide, insisted they carried out the developments according to the planning permissions "to the letter".

Teignbridge, which controls the strip of land between the two developments, said in a statement that development around Carhaix Way was "carried out under separate planning permissions by separate developers".

Image caption The district council and county council are meeting in the New Year to get the road completed

It said each permission "required the road to be taken to the boundary with the overall intention to provide a footpath and road link between the two".

Agreements with Devon County Council show "a continuous road" and the district council said it was "working with the county council to achieve completion of the highway".

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