Dartmoor Zoo lynx: Will the call of mum trap Flaviu?

Klementyna and Flaviu Image copyright Dave Rolfe/Port Lympne Reserve
Image caption Klementyna and Flaviu, who is said to be missing his mother

Zoo wardens could use the recorded call of an escaped lynx's mother in a bid to capture it.

The wild cat, named Flaviu, was reported missing from Dartmoor Zoo on Thursday.

Staff believe the animal is on farmland around the zoo, near Plymouth.

Bedding from the creature's former home at Port Lympne Reserve in Kent will also be used as the round-the-clock search continues.

More on the missing wild cat, plus more Devon and Cornwall news

Image copyright Dartmoor Zoo
Image caption Keepers at Dartmoor Zoo found that newly-arrived Flaviu had escaped

Dartmoor Zoo owner Ben Mee said he was hoping to get the recording of Flaviu's mother Klementyna, who remains at Port Lympne.

He said: "Flaviu is a bit of a mummy's boy, so we think he is really missing his mum.

"That is why he could have escaped last week, because he was trying to get back to her."

Flaviu arrived in Dartmoor on Wednesday.

Image copyright Google
Image caption The zoo took delivery of the animal on Wednesday, but it escaped on Thursday morning

Park staff have set a number of humane traps after a sighting on farm land outside the boundary of the park in Sparkwell.

Mr Mee said he was sure Flaviu was still in the area.

He added: "We have definite signs - we would have expected to catch a badger or a fox by now, but something is scaring them off.

"Livestock in the area is herding around its young protectively and our wolves are prowling in that direction."

He said Flaviu would not be starving as he had been used to catching wild animals at his former home.

He also asked people to stay away or the operation could be compromised.

Police have also said Flaviu, which is the size of a large domesticated cat, could be dangerous if cornered.

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