Naval officer cadet 'raped drunk colleague'

Britannia Royal Naval College in Dartmouth
Image caption The offences are alleged to have taken place after a Victory In Europe Day dinner dance attended by students, staff and guests

A Royal Navy officer cadet raped a fellow student who was "too drunk to fight back or give consent", a court martial has heard.

Sub Lt Samuel Mitchell, 27, is accused of attacking the woman at the Britannia Royal Naval College in Devon.

David Richards, prosecuting, said the complainant was so drunk after a Victory In Europe Day ball she had to be carried back to her room by friends.

At the court martial in Portsmouth Sub Lt Mitchell denies two counts of rape.

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'Cold sweat'

Mr Richards said on 8 May 2015 Sub Lt Mitchell entered the room while the victim was asleep, undressed himself and her before climbing on top of her.

The court at Portsmouth Naval Base was told she had crossed her arms across her chest and said "no sex" to Mitchell.

Mr Richards said she woke in the morning in a "cold sweat and shaking".

He said Mitchell went to the alleged victim's room after his advances were rejected by another woman.

Mr Richards said, in a bid to get him to stop, the complainant asked him to put a condom on which led him to go back to his room and return with the contraceptive before continuing.

He said: "She didn't consent at all, it is the prosecution case the defendant knew full well she had been drinking.

"He knew she was drunk and that her passivity didn't reflect a choice she had made but the fact that she didn't have the wherewithal to resist him."

The court martial continues.

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