Torquay suicide crash survivor 'forgives' driver

Elber and Con Twomey Image copyright Provision Photography Ltd
Image caption Elber and Con Twomey were on holiday with their 16-month-old son from Cork in the Republic of Ireland

A woman whose husband, young son and unborn daughter were killed when a suicidal driver ploughed his taxi into their car says she has forgiven him.

The Twomeys, from the Irish Republic, were on a 10-day break in south Devon in July 2012, when the fatal crash happened in Torquay's Hamlin Way.

Elber Twomey, 38, was the sole survivor and is fundraising in County Cork for Derriford and Torbay Hospitals.

She said being able to forgive had got her through the darker times.

Con Twomey, 39, his 16-month-old son, Oisin, and his unborn daughter all died after Marek Wojiechowski, a 26-year-old Polish taxi driver, veered his car into theirs.

The family were on holiday from Meelin in County Cork.

'Previous life'

Mrs Twomey said: "A priest friend of mine asked me in September after the crash, 'You start praying for Marek' and I said 'No'.

He prayed for him on my behalf until I was able to do so and I said 'I hope [the priest] lives a long time as I'll never pray for him'.

"By the November after the crash I was lighting a candle and saying a prayer for him. It was his fault, the crash, but it is about forgiveness. If I couldn't forgive him then I don't think I would be alive. It would make you bitter."

Mrs Twomey is holding what she calls a "remorial" service for her family as part of the fundraising activities.

"It is to remember my beauties, to make sure Con, Oisin and my little lady are never forgotten. It is about promoting how precious life is.

"Our little man; we adored him. Nobody would put him to bed but us; we loved him. It is about remembering the good times. We still speak about them with the reverence they deserve."

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