Restraining order for 90-year-old Richard Edwards

A 90-year-old man has been issued with a five-year restraining order, banning him from contact with a care home boss.

Richard Edwards had vowed to make Paul Stratton's life "a misery" until the day he died after a row over money and parking spaces.

Edwards, of Uplyme, Devon was found guilty of harassment at an earlier hearing at Exeter Magistrates' Court.

He was given a two-year conditional discharge and banned from displaying documents referring to Mr Stratton.

Edwards did not appear for sentencing, having previously written to the court claiming he "would not waste a minute of his life" on the matter.

'Pathetic creature'

The court was told the campaign of harassment began after Edwards, who lived in a flat adjoining the Lynewood Nursing Home, claimed Mr Stratton had parked in spaces allocated to the flats were he lived.

He told Devon and Cornwall Police the care home owner was a "terrible person who would not know the truth if it jumped out and bit him".

Prosecutor Karen Ball said Edwards had left hand-written posters on his car accusing Mr Stratton of being a "pathetic creature, a thieving rat, a liar and a foreign rat".

He also wrote abusive letters to the care home boss and blocked the home's entrance with his car.

Mr Stratton - who said he is British - said he was also accused of being dishonest and deceitful by Edwards, who he described as "out of control".

He added that Edwards' conduct had brought his character and professionalism into question with his staff and clients.

Edwards, who previously represented himself in court, said he was responding to Mr Stratton's "bad behaviour and lies".

"I am not guilty. It is like the Devil complaining about sin," he claimed.

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