Former Plymouth Royal Marines base to be sold off

RM Turnchapel
Image caption RM Turnchapel was home to 539 Assault Squadron
RM Turnchapel
Image caption The site includes warehouses, offices and engineering facilities

A former Royal Marines base in Devon is to be sold off.

RM Turnchapel, in Plymstock, Plymouth, was home to 539 Assault Squadron, which has since moved to a £30m facility at the city's Devonport Naval Base.

The site, now surplus to requirements, is made up of three hectares of land and three hectares of river bed, and includes slipways and crane facilities the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said.

It was to be sold in the new year by a tendering process, it added.

The base also included warehouses, offices and engineering facilities.

The marines' 539 squadron - part of 3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines, which has its headquarters in Plymouth - is trained to use landing craft, hovercraft, raiders and rigid inflatable boats.

Unlike other assault squadrons, whose focus was on amphibious assault and mass deployment from ships, 539's emphasis was on smaller-scale raiding and river and river estuary operations, the Royal Navy said.

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