Izzy Dix family blame cyber-bullying for her death

Izzy Dix
Image caption Izzy Dix, 14, was found hanged at her home in Devon in September

A 14-year-old girl hanged herself after an argument with her mother, an inquest has heard.

Izzy Dix was found dead in Brixham, Devon, on 17 September. Her family and friends blamed cyber-bullying and began a campaign against it.

But, the inquest at Torquay Coroner's Office, heard there was "no evidence of cyber bullying".

Coroner Ian Arrow recorded a verdict of suicide and said Izzy had "significant personal and emotional turmoil".

'Fundamentally flawed'

Police investigated the teenager's death after claims she was bullied on a social media website.

Det Con Diane Brugge, from Torbay's child protection unit, told the inquest there was no suicide note, although a diary had mentioned three suicide attempts.

She said Izzy's internet use, telephone and computers were checked but "nothing that suggested any cyber bullying" was found.

But Annie Hargraves, of the Izzy Dix Memorial Campaign, said the family had evidence of Izzy being bullied, which she referred to as "internet trolling" and the "worst form of abuse".

She said the campaign group firmly believed bullying was a major factor in Izzy's death.

"We believe the processes that took place today and the conclusions reached are fundamentally flawed," she added.

'Made life hell'

A statement, read at the inquest from Izzy's mother, Gabbi, said her daughter "had been bullied from the moment she started" Brixham College.

She said: "She got picked on at school for being bright and wearing a skirt that was longer than the other girls."

The inquest heard that on the night Izzy died she had been upset because a girl had "made her life hell" at school that day and the supply teacher had not noticed.

Izzy and her mother had also argued later that night.

When Izzy said she was lonely and no-one cared about her, her mother said she had to find her own solutions and that lots of people loved her.

The teenager was later found hanged in her bedroom by her mother.

Brixham College is yet to respond to what was heard at the inquest.

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