Devon and Cornwall police dog's litter of eight born

Molly and the first puppy
Image caption Molly gave birth to the first of her eight puppies in the early hours of Tuesday
Molly and her litter under a heat lamp
Image caption It is the second litter bred to become police dogs for the force
Molly and her litter of eight
Image caption The force believes the litter consists of three bitches and five dogs
Molly and her litter of eight
Image caption After they are weaned, puppy walkers will look after the dogs for about a year

A Devon and Cornwall Police dog has given birth to a litter of eight puppies.

Molly the German Shepherd is the second serving police dog to produce a litter specially bred for the force.

The eight puppies - thought to be three bitches and five dogs - were born on Tuesday.

Once the litter has been weaned, the puppies will spend about a year with puppy walkers before formal police dog training begins.

Paul Glennon, the force's canine development officer, said he "bedded down" with Molly on Monday night as she "appeared restless" and he was convinced the puppies were about to arrive.

The first, or "alpha", litter born to a serving police dog in the force was born in June.

Devon and Cornwall Police used its Facebook page to ask members of the public to suggest appropriate names beginning with the letter "A".

It is thought Molly's litter will all be given names starting with "B".

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