Drug dealers caught after police sniff out cannabis in van

Two men were caught with 0.5kg (1.1lbs) of skunk cannabis after a police officer sniffed it through an open van window, a court has heard.

Benjamin Heale and John Soundy, both from Tiverton, were caught with the drugs with an estimated street value of up to £3,300 in a car park in the town.

Exeter Crown Court heard an "intense" smell led the officer to the vehicle.

Heale, 27, denied possession with intent to supply but was found guilty. Soundy, 28, admitted the same offence.

Jail 'likely'

The pair had stopped in the car park of a Tesco Express store in Tiverton in March 2011 when PC Saren Isaac smelled the drugs and went to talk to Soundy who was still in the driver's seat, the court heard.

Soundy, of Castle Street, and Heale, of Bartows Causeway, were both arrested when Heale came out of the shop to return to the vehicle.

The drugs were found in two ziplock bags in other bags in the passenger footwell.

Soundy was also found with a small set of electronic scales.

Both had three previous convictions for drugs offences, the court heard.

Recorder Mr Paul Grumbar warned Heale, who was convicted by a jury in less than an hour, he was likely to face a prison sentence.

The pair were both bailed for pre-sentence reports.

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