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Apostrophe ban in Devon may be overturned

image captionA Mid Devon street sign is missing the apostrophe before the S

A local authority which banned apostrophes in road signs may be making a U-turn.

Peter Hare-Scott, leader of Mid Devon District Council, said he was "not happy" about the decision.

He said the policy was being "reviewed" and he would be recommending at the cabinet meeting on 28 March that the decision is reversed.

The council said the policy of not using apostrophes had been taken to "avoid potential confusion".

Change welcomed

Conservative-controlled Mid Devon District Council said last Friday that its new streets had not contained apostrophes for many years, but the policy was now being made official.

Mr Hare-Scott said: "The convention not to use apostrophes when naming new streets has been in place since long before this administration took over.

"Personally I'm not happy about using English that's incorrect and don't find this acceptable."

Steve Jenner of the Plain English Campaign said: "We would welcome a change of heart.

"I think their policy was made with the best intentions, but I don't see how messing with the rules could have avoided confusion."

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