Torquay flood residents appeal to council

Residents of thirty homes in Torquay are calling on their council for help after suffering regular flooding since 2006.

The homes in Tor Park Road and Newton Road were not affected by the problem prior to 2006.

They say the construction of a housing estate may be the cause of the problem.

But a senior manager with Barratt Exeter said it was confident the homes were not the cause though he said they would be willing to meet residents.

The householders will be discussing their concerns at a full council meeting in Torbay on Thursday.

One of the residents, Charmaine Foreman said: "The house is very damp, especially round the back end of it. It's very smelly and just unpleasant to live there. I am in limbo.

"I hope something will be found or done to rectify the situation. I don't know where to go from here."

'Waves of anger'

Another resident, Clare Anthony, said: "We go through waves of anger, frustration, tears, generally feeling thoroughly fed up."

Trevor Barfoot, a buildings surveyor, who has been looking into the residents' concerns, said: "A lot of these people have owned these properties a long time - 20 years and in one case 100 years.

"They've had no problems with water, or damp problems up until 2006."

Some residents believed the problem is coming from Torre Marine, a nearby development by Barratt.

But in a statement, Tim Larner, the managing director of Barratt Exeter said: "All surface water drainage on the development has been constructed in strict accordance with the approved plans and fully supervised.

"We are confident that our works have not altered ground water in the area but are always open to discuss any issue directly with adjoining owners."

Torbay Council said it would not discuss the issue ahead of Thursday's full council meeting.

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