Paul Conroy supports Syria protesters

A war photographer injured in Syria has shown his support for the country's rebel opposition at a protest outside the Syrian embassy in London.

Sunday Times reporter Paul Conroy, 47, from Totnes in Devon, was badly injured and his reporter colleague Marie Colvin was killed in shelling in Homs.

He was smuggled out by rebels after the bombing on 22 February.

Struggling on a crutch and being pushed in a wheelchair, Mr Conroy was embraced by supporters.

Mr Conroy, originally from Anfield, Liverpool, told the crowd of more than 1,000 demonstrators that Britain should sever ties with the Syrian regime and expel its embassy representatives, who he said should "stand in The Hague and answer for the crimes they have committed".

Looking frail but determined, he said his focus was now on helping the movement and continuing in Ms Colvin's name.

He said: "Essentially I am using my brief 15 minutes of fame to really push, push, push on behalf of the Syrian people and on behalf of the people who got me out alive and the people I owe my life to essentially.

"Condolences go to every man, woman and child killed in Syria and everyone in the Free Syrian Army who died getting me out of the place and also a message to the regime that really they shouldn't be tolerated any more and any dialogue with them should be ceased.

"They shouldn't have an embassy in a country like the UK at the moment."

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