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Occupy camp at Exeter Cathedral is copycat, says bishop

image captionThe camp comprises of about 18 tents on Cathedral Green

Protesters who are camping outside Exeter Cathedral have been branded as "copycats" by the bishop.

The Rt Rev Michael Langrish said he sympathised but felt protesters were "not going about it in the right way".

Campaigners, including members of Occupy Exeter, have erected tents on Cathedral Green. Bishop Langrish said they were copying protesters in London.

Those camping in the capital and Exeter are supporting a global movement against inequality and corporate greed.

In Exeter, campaigners have camped along one of the cathedral's walls, but are not blocking the entrance.

Bishop Langrish said: "I am very sympathetic to the questions they are raising, they are important questions.

"I am not convinced they are going about it in the right way. Looking around the green, where are the financial institutions?"

'Not invited'

Some protesters have said they are prepared to stay at the site beyond Christmas and into the new year.

image captionBishop Langrish said the church had not invited the campaigners to camp on Cathedral Green

Bishop Langrish said: "This is pure copycat, they have been outside one cathedral, now they are outside another."

There are about 18 tents on the green.

About 200 people were involved in a march through the city centre on Saturday morning.

Bishop Langrish said the church had not "invited or welcomed them" to be there, but it would be "warm and friendly" towards them, adding that several protesters had attended communion.

Exeter Cathedral is the second religious building to be affected. Other activists are camped outside St Paul's Cathedral in London.

In Plymouth, protesters are camping outside Drake Circus Shopping Centre.

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