Truro's naked drummer causes a stir

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The new landmark on Truro's Lemon Quay is causing a stir

A 15ft naked statue called The Drummer has received a mixed reaction among some shoppers on Truro's Lemon Quay.

The bronze sculpture - containing Cornish tin and copper - is a figure standing on a sphere beating a drum.

Artist Tim Shaw defended his work which he says portrays a sense "celebration' and Cornwall's "steely determination".

Mr Shaw added: "People have to face the fact that throughout the history of mankind, naked figures have existed all over the world."


Lesley, a shopper on Lemon Quay said: "It's a monstrosity, it's ugly.

"What's it got to do with Cornwall? There's some deep-routed meaning in it isn't there, that nobody is ever going to understand."

Another shopper, Nina, added: "It's pornography and I'm actually quite disgusted by it."

But Heather Bell from Truro Farmer's market, said: "It's fascinating, I hadn't realised it would be this big and he's naked, but I don't mind, it's amazing."

The statue is to be officially unveiled on Saturday by Queen drummer Roger Taylor.

Inspiration for the piece came from memories of Mr Shaw arrival in Cornwall 25 years ago, describing it as a place "where the drum beats differently".

He added: "Many people who visit Cornwall or choose to live here often come out with the same response that it's a place that has an element of timelessness and magic about it and that the landscape itself feels very ancient."

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