France exhibition for Devon cat's photographs

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Media captionExhibition for Devon 'cat photographer'

A three-legged Devon cat is getting her own exhibition of photos taken by a special lightweight camera attached to her collar.

Nancy Bean captured up to 400 shots a day as part of a project by her owner.

The best images are being displayed at an exhibition in Arles, France, in the summer.

Christian Allen, 27, came up with the idea after a request for a picture study as part of his architecture course at the University of Plymouth.

He said: "I was asked to make a photographic field study of the every day.

"I felt it was difficult to take pictures of the every day without going to look for a preconceived idea of what that may be.

Image caption Wobbly pictures could be down to the fact that Nancy has only three legs, Christian Allen said

"So I thought to give the camera to my cat and see what she came back with."

The US-made camera automatically takes one picture every minute.

"It was generally every day things around our house," said Mr Allen, "surprised neighbours, under cars.

"Just little snippets of the every day."

Some of the photos are distorted which Mr Allen puts down to the fact that Nancy has only three legs. She lost one as a kitten in an accident.

Mr Allen used 55 photographs for his study, which the university suggested he publish.

Renowned photographer Martin Parr then saw the pictures and asked to use them in an exhibition, Rencontres d'Arles, which he is helping to curate.

"It has spiralled from there," said Mr Allen who is in the final year of his architecture degree.

"It's quite surreal really.

"A lot of people are asking if they can put the camera on their cat."

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