Dozens of car tyres in Plymouth are slashed

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A number of cars had two tyres slashed

At least 70 vehicles in Plymouth have had their tyres slashed in what police have called an act of "mindless vandalism".

Cars were targeted in the Hartley and Mannamead areas of the city on Monday night.

A number of them had two tyres slashed.

Devon and Cornwall police has appealed for witnesses and warned local drivers to check their tyre pressure in case of slow punctures.

One local resident who awoke to find their tyres had been slashed said: "It's cost me time and money.

"I couldn't take my kid to primary school this morning.

"There's no need for it, I'm absolutely gutted."

Sgt Ben Deer, from Devon and Cornwall Police, said: "It is mindless vandalism but I've never seen it on such a scale.

"It is an extremely dangerous incident, had someone driven off without realising that there was damage to their tyres then the result would have been horrendous."

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