Ilfracombe Hotel owners given 21 days for repairs

The owners of a former hotel in North Devon have been told to repair the front of the building or pay the bill for someone else to do it.

The Ilfracombe Stalled Sites Group (ISSG) issued the warning to the owners of the Berkley Hotel in Ilfracombe.

ISSG manages the development of sites in the town which have "stalled" and has given the Berkley hotel 21 days to complete a list of repairs.

The hotel owners were unavailable to make immediate comment.

ISSG was set up earlier this year and involves North Devon Council, Ilfracombe Town Council, and Transform.

Town regeneration

It opposes sites which are seen to be having an adverse effect on the town's heritage and regeneration.

North Devon councillor Colin Wright said: "It is important that we do everything we can to encourage and assist planned developments in the town so that they do us credit and are not simply left to deteriorate."

Following an initial repairs notice, work on the Berkley Hotel did begin but has since stopped, uncompleted.

Town Councillor Rod Donovan said: "Building owners need to be aware that we are serious and will take all the legal action if necessary to ensure our town is not blighted by these buildings left in disrepair."

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