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'Carer' exploited and murdered vulnerable Derby man

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image captionMagdalena Kissova was jailed for the "brutal" murder of a vulnerable 67-year-old man she was living with

A woman has been jailed for murdering a vulnerable man she exploited and abused for years under the pretence of caring for him.

Magdalena Kissova "ensconced" herself in the Derby home of David Allsopp, who was suffering from dementia, in 2017.

But in February she fled to Manchester after fatally beating the 67-year-old, leaving him "dead or dying" in bed.

Judge Nirmal Shant sentenced the 47-year-old to a minimum of 24 years at Derby Crown Court.

Kissova pleaded guilty to murder before she was due to stand trial but has not given any explanation as to what happened.

The court heard how Kissova, calling herself Monica, moved into Mr Allsopp's flat on Manchester Street.

She told family, carers and neighbours she was a friend there to look after him.

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image captionA judge said Kissova "ensconced herself in his home... in a selfish attempt to get free board and lodgings"

Over the years Mr Allsopp's carers noticed bruises and cuts but she explained these away as accidents.

The prosecution described how neighbours heard her yelling at him late at night, calling him a "devil" in Serb-Croat or shouting at him to get up.

Police were called a number of times but they found no evidence of wrongdoing.

Judge Shant said: "Although you provided some care, you used him to provide yourself with accommodation and free board.

"By 2019 [the neighbours] describe on an almost daily basis hearing you shouting and his harrowing screams in response."

'Brutal' killing

At some point between February 13 and 14, Kissova fatally attacked Mr Allsopp.

The court was told he was found with 36 injuries, suggesting she stamped on, punched or kicked him, with the most life-threatening being to his rib cage.

The prosecution said Mr Allsopp's twin sister visited his house on 14 February, unaware of what had happened.

She saw her brother lying in bed - by this time either dead or dying - but was told by Kissova he was asleep.

She gave Kissova £80 for his food and tobacco, but instead she spent it on a taxi ride to a friend's house in Manchester, taking his TV with her.

Mr Allsopp's body was discovered by one of his carers the next day.

Judge Shant said: "Mr Allsopp was brutally killed. His death has deprived his twin sister of the very special and unique bond that she shared with him.

"He was particularly vulnerable and you killed him in his own home."

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