Ladybower Reservoir plug hole climber criticised

Image source, Jo Workman
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Andy Tingle's actions were described by Severn Trent Water as "dangerous and illegal"

A man has been criticised after photos emerged of him climbing into a reservoir's large "plug hole".

Pictures of Andy Tingle visiting Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire during the summer were posted on a Facebook page.

Severn Trent, which owns the reservoir, said his actions were "extremely dangerous and also illegal".

Mr Tingle defended his decision to pose inside the overflow and said: "It's my life."

The 44-year-old said he liked to look for "photo opportunities no-one else has seen".

Image source, Andy Tingle
Image caption,
Andy Tingle said he has climbed other structures before and done "things a lot more dangerous"

The Facebook post carrying the pictures has attracted more than 170 comments - some highly critical.

Margaret Griffith said: "A pity he doesn't seem to care about his safety... and that of the rescue services if he had fallen!"

Mr Tingle, who said he also climbs buildings and used to "rooftop hop", told the BBC: "I've never felt worried about falling in. Or falling off a roof or falling through the floor of a derelict building.

"If it happens, it happens.

"As far as the people who moan about me doing these things, I always say, 'it's my life. You live your boring mundane life and I'll live mine'."

Image source, Andy Tingle
Image caption,
The hole was dry during a period of hot weather in July

Mr Tingle, a painter and decorator from Rotherham, said he got to the plug by walking down a brick ramp.

"I reckon it'd be quite daunting if you've never done anything like that before but I've done it numerous times and many things a lot more dangerous," he said.

Severn Trent Water called Mr Tingle's actions "extremely foolish" and said he had "put his life in danger".

"He was very lucky on this occasion. The next person who tries to copy him may not be so lucky," a spokesman said.

"This image should serve as a reminder to visitors at Ladybower Reservoir, that actions like this are extremely dangerous and also illegal [on the grounds of trespass].

"We've taken steps to make it even harder to get to the plughole but clearly, this is not something that any member of the public should do."

Image source, Jo Workman
Image caption,
Severn Trent said it had taken action to make getting to the hole even harder

Trespass to land is not generally a criminal offence, but landowners can pursue it as a civil case.

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