Foal dumped in Chesterfield after suspected chemical attack

The injured horse Image copyright Rainbow Equine Centre
Image caption The foal was found dumped on land in Chesterfield on Tuesday

A foal was left dumped with burns to its face from a suspected chemical attack.

The animal, thought to be about eight months old, was injured and "riddled with parasites" when it was taken to the Rainbow Equine Hospital in North Yorkshire.

Vet David Rendle said the male foal's injuries looked like someone had thrown a chemical substance into its face.

The RSPCA said the animal's injuries were "absolutely appalling".

The foal was brought to the equine hospital in Malton for treatment on Tuesday after it was found dumped in Chesterfield by a member of the public who alerted the RSPCA.

Image copyright Rainbow Equine Hospital
Image caption Veterinary staff said the animal had been given a blood transfusion
Image copyright Rainbow Equine Hospital
Image caption It will continued to be cared for by staff at the Rainbow Equine Hospital

Mr Rendle said he was hopeful the foal would make a full recovery.

He said: "The foal has got severe burns running from its eyes down to the tip of its nose.

"It certainly looks like it's had some chemical thrown onto its face rather than accidentally putting its head in a corrosive substance.

"We have cleaned up the wounds and given a blood transfusion from a donor horse."

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said the cost of the animal's treatment would "run into the thousands".

The apparent chemical attack comes after the charity said that horses were regularly being fly-tipped and left to die by irresponsible owners.

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