'Laughing stock' bus stop house for sale in Langley Mill

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Media caption'It's not the best bit of garden furniture is it?'

A newly-built house with a bus shelter "smack-bang" in front of its door has been put up for sale.

The two-bedroom home in Langley Mill is "attracting a lot of interest" despite being blocked by the bus stop, estate agent Burchell Edwards said.

Residents told the Derby Telegraph it was "bizarre" and "a laughing stock".

Derbyshire County Council, which is responsible for the bus stop, said it had been in place for years but would be moved to a "suitable position".

Image caption The bus shelter has been in its present location "for many years", the county council said

The two-bedroom house is on the market for £140,000.

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Julie Newing, who lives in nearby Brinsley, said: "I noticed this a couple of months ago and couldn't believe my eyes.

"It's hysterical because anyone living in that house wouldn't even be able to catch a bus because the shelter blocks their path."

She said she put a post about the house on social media because "with all the horrible things in the world if this brings a smile to people's faces then that's great."

Image caption The bus stop is served by Trent Barton which runs a service from Derby to Nottingham

A passerby told BBC News: "It is not the best bit of garden furniture is it?

"I can't believe it is still there and they've put the 'for sale' sign up. You would have thought they would have come and chopped it down by now, wouldn't you?"

Another local resident said: "It is a joke, isn't it?

"Why would you build a house that is smack-bang in front of a bus shelter?"

A spokesman for Burchell Edwards said: "We have already had quite a bit of interest in the property.

"It is a new build and has a beautiful interior so it would make a great starter or rental property."

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