Tom Webb stabbing: Boy, 16, guilty of murder

Tom Webb with his girlfriend and mother Image copyright Family photo
Image caption Tom Webb - pictured here with his girlfriend, mother and dog - was described in court as being "entirely innocent"

A 16-year-old boy who stabbed a man to death in the street has been found guilty of murder.

The trial has heard that Haris Mohammed attacked Tom Webb after one of his friends made a comment about a young woman being "fit".

The 22-year-old died shortly after being stabbed in the heart in Derby city centre on 19 January.

The killer claimed he acted in self defence after Mr Webb swung a bottle at him, but the jury rejected this.

He will be sentenced on 29 July.

Image copyright Derbyshire Constabulary
Image caption Haris Mohammed could not previously be named by media, but the judge has lifted the reporting restriction

Rachel Webb paid tribute to her son outside court.

"Tom was everything to me," she said.

"I have no mother, I have no father, I have no other children, no husband or partner. Tom was my entire family and I'll miss him, but I have his memory."

When asked how she felt about Mohammed she said: "I feel for his family."

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Media captionRachel Webb said her son was "everything", as she has no other family

Michael Auty QC, prosecuting, said Mr Webb was "entirely innocent" and Mohammed had no reason to attack him.

"Haris Mohammed had no need to become involved at all," he said.

"Neither he nor anyone else was in any danger. And yet he led others off in pursuit of Thomas Webb.

"He wanted confrontation. He wanted to demonstrate his power."

Image copyright Derbyshire Constabulary
Image caption Tom Webb was stabbed with a butterfly knife with a blade about seven centimetres long

The trial at Nottingham Crown Court heard Mr Webb had been with two friends in the city centre, buying food and drink from Tesco in St Peter's Street.

After they left Tesco, one of the group made the remark about a young woman walking past being "fit", meaning attractive.

One of Mohammed's friends overheard the comment and told him about it.

Mohammed, who had been in McDonald's, then decided to pursue Mr Webb's group as part of what Mr Auty described as "an angry mob".

Image copyright Derbyshire Constabulary
Image caption Tom Webb, pictured here in between his two friends, was stabbed after visiting Tesco in St Peter's Street

"Haris Mohammed could have walked away at any time. He could have stayed in McDonald's," said Mr Auty.

"For no reason at all, save to exude an aura of menace and power to those meekly trailing along in his wake, he must, at the very least, have had the intention to cause some really serious bodily harm."

He used a butterfly knife with a blade about seven centimetres long to stab Mr Webb.

The weapon was later recovered from within a McDonald's cup found in the raised planter where Mohammed had been in the immediate aftermath of the killing.

Det Ch Insp Dave Cox, who led the investigation said: "Not only is a family grieving for the loss of a young man, another family will now be grieving for a teenager who will undoubtedly spend a long time behind bars."

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