Derby man, 86, 'clonks' burglar on head with walking stick

Derby man Barrie Flood with his walking stick
Image caption Barrie Flood found the burglar going through his property in the lounge

An 86-year-old fought off a burglar who broke into his house - by "clonking" him with his walking stick.

Barrie Flood returned to his bungalow in Allestree, Derby, to find the burglar in the lounge rifling through his belongings.

He challenged the intruder before hitting him on the head with the stick, forcing the burglar to run off empty-handed.

Mr Flood said the burglar "picked on the wrong person" on Monday morning.

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"He used the garden shears (to force open the lock on the patio door)," Mr Flood said. "I was down the shop getting a paper.

"I just came in and shouted 'what are you doing in here?'

"I waved my stick and bashed him one, he ran off and that was it."

Image caption Mr Flood, a former Rolls-Royce employee, said the burglar left the house in a "right mess"

The former Rolls-Royce employee, who has lived alone since his wife died in February this year, said the house was a "right mess".

"I think he was looking at paperwork because he was looking for money," he said.

"He emptied all the drawers - he got everything out."

Ex-national serviceman Mr Flood, who spent two-and-a-half years stationed in Aldershot, believes his military training helped him tackle the burglar.

"He had a mask on, you could just about see his eyes. He was a young-ish bloke because he could move quick.

"I wasn't scared - he was scared when I clonked him."

When asked what he would have done without his walking stick, Mr Flood said: "I'd have kicked him."

Anyone with any information about the attempted burglary is asked to contact Derbyshire Police.

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