Derby family abandons home after chip shop crash

Damaged buildings in Derby
Image caption Several homes were damaged after a car crashed into a chip shop on the junction of Beaufort Street and Nottingham Road

A family had to abandon their house when a car crashed through the living room after smashing into a chip shop.

It happened at about 00:30 GMT on the junction of Beaufort Street and Nottingham Road in Derby.

Linda Dietrichsen, who was evacuated from her family home with her six-year-old granddaughter, said she was "terrified" for their safety.

She said the car hit the chip shop before it spun into neighbouring buildings, leaving her home unstable.

Derbyshire Police said the driver was taken to hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Image caption Linda Dietrichsen said a car crashed into a chip shop before spinning out of control and into neighbouring buildings, including her family home

"I woke up, with my granddaughter calling me, she said there was a 'big noise'," Ms Dietrichsen said.

"I heard the commotion outside, I looked out of the bedroom window and saw dust clouds.

"I came down, I didn't even realise that the door and the window and the wall had come down... it was a big mess."

Image caption Linda Dietrichsen said she was "terrified" for their safety as they were told the building was unstable

Firefighters helped Ms Dietrichsen and her family climb out over the debris to safety after the damage to their home.

The grandmother said: "I was shocked and terrified. I didn't know if the house was going to fall down any further.

"I have a six-year-old granddaughter I was concerned about, and we were told we have to stay upstairs because the building is unsafe."

She added that they have been forced to move out and find somewhere else to live while repairs are made.

"This is our little house, it has been for the last 12 years and to find no window, no door, no wall - is shocking," she said.

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