Dovedale Roman and Iron Age coins to go on show at Buxton Museum

Roman and Iron Age coins Gold and silver coins found in a Derbyshire cave have gone on permanent display at Buxton Museum

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A hoard of 2,000-year-old coins found in a cave in the Peak District have gone on public display.

The late Iron Age and Roman coins were discovered in Dovedale, Derbyshire, by a member of the public, prompting a full-scale excavation in July.

It is thought to have been the first time coins from these two origins have been found together in a British cave.

Ros Westwood from Buxton Museum, where they are on permanent display, said she thinks they were dropped by mistake.

Roman and Iron Age coins Experts say the find is highly unusual

"This guy was wandering around with the equivalent of two months' salary," she said.

"I have the horrible feeling he lost his purse because it's not the sort of coins you would expect to see thrown in a cave to appease the spirits or to answer your prayers."

But National Trust archaeologist Rachael Hall, who was involved in the dig said they could have been deliberately left at Reynard's Cave.

"Was an individual simply hiding his 'best stuff' for safe keeping? Or, perhaps speculating, in the hope that the value would increase in the future, like a modern-day ISA?" she said.

The coins, which were found alongside a Roman "Aesica" type brooch, pre-date the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD.

Reynards Cave Reynard's Cave is the furthest west coins associated with the Corieltavi tribe have been found

Ms Hall said the gold and silver coins have been attributed to the Corieltavi tribe, which is more associated with areas further east, around Leicester, Sleaford and Lincoln.

"Could this area have been a previously unknown power base of the Corieltavi tribe?" she said.

Derbyshire county councillor Ellie Wilcox said the cache was an "exciting addition" to Buxton Museum where it will be on permanent display.

"There is very little Iron Age material in the collections and these spectacular gold and silver coins bring a new dimension."

Reynards Cave Were the coins dropped or deliberately left in Dovedale?

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