Derby organised crime gangs highlighted by report

Crime gangs which deal drugs, traffic people and launder money in Derby have been highlighted in a new report.

The study by the city council said there were 19 organised groups operating across several communities.

It revealed pubs, car washes, nail bars and takeaways were being used as fronts for criminal activities.

Both city council and police said they could not comment before the report was considered by the authority's cabinet next week.

Crime focus

Written by the partnerships and communities department, the document states street gangs - like the A1 group involved in the murder of Kadeem Blackwood - have been disrupted.

BBC Derby reporter Rob Watts said: "These new gangs are, according to the report, increasingly sophisticated with national and international links.

"They are involved in the supply of class A drugs, child exploitation and money laundering.

"Unlike the street gangs they want to avoid attention."

The study also claims drugs gangs are "well established" in the Normanton area of the city.

It recommends "more support" be given to the police to tackle the issue.

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