Police complaints second longest to be recorded

Derbyshire Police has the second highest number of complaints from the public taking more than 10 working days to be recorded, figures show.

Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) figures showed that 58 per cent of inquiries took longer to handle than recommended.

The figures showed Devon and Cornwall had 50 per cent of incidents taking over 10 working days to deal with.

Derbyshire Police said it maintained an ethical stance in recording complaints.

It said it was concerned if any member of the Derbyshire public was dissatisfied with the service they had received.

The IPCC, recording figures for 2011/12, said police forces in England and Wales were expected to record complaints within 10 working days.

Derbyshire Police said it had made changes to the procedure for recording complaints within 10 days, and that the latest IPCC data from this year showed that 92 per cent of complaints were recorded within 10 days.

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