Derby police say prostitution measures 'not failing'

New measures to tackle a growth in brothels in Derby do not mean an operation set up in January to target prostitution is failing say police.

Police said their efforts to get women off the streets meant many now operated from houses.

Insp Richard Keene said: "We still run Operation Scarlet which is the original anti-vice operation.

"Operation Darnell specifically targets brothels and looks at the issue of eastern European prostitution."

Officers said there had been an increase in the number of prostitutes, particularly women from eastern Europe, in the Normanton and Pear Tree areas.

Insp Keene said: "Unfortunately as with any business it's a case of supply and demand. The more people who are willing to supply it will drive down the cost.

"We will always take positive against those who come to the area for vice because we don't want the local community to be impacted upon - it's completely unacceptable."

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