Kittens rescued after being born up a tree in Derby

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Media captionSquirrel the cat had kittens up a tree

Firefighters have rescued three kittens believed to have been born 25ft (7.6m) up a tree in Derby.

The two-week-old kittens were found by the RSPCA up a tree in Littleover on Monday after a call from a member of the public.

The kittens and their mother, named Squirrel by the charity, are now being looked after by fosterers.

A fourth kitten was rescued two weeks earlier after being found at the foot of the tree.

Image caption The RSPCA has asked for Squirrel's owner to get in touch

Sarah Burrows, from the charity, said: "I couldn't quite believe it when I got the call to say that a cat and her newborn kittens were up in a tree.

"It didn't quite ring true.

"But when I arrived we could just see mum poking her head out of the nook in the tree, it was quite bizarre.

"She clearly thought this was the best place to keep her kittens safe, but I don't think she had really thought it through as to how she was going to get them down afterwards."

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