Ilkeston mother's upset at thefts from daughter's grave

The family of a two-year-old Derbyshire girl who died from cot death say they want more security at a cemetery after their daughter's grave was vandalised.

Kelly Reynolds and Ricky Watkins say trinkets from their daughter Tiffany's grave at the Park Road Cemetery in Ilkeston have been stolen or broken.

A spokesperson from Erewash Borough Council said such crimes were rare and that they were working with police.

Ms Reynolds said a toy dog had been taken and an angel trinket broken.

Deterring thieves

"We can't do anything else for her (Tiffany) so we buy little trinkets to show we still love and care for her," said Ms Reynolds.

"I would like a headstone for her but it costs lots and it is more personal buying her things like this. Sometimes I can't face coming here because of what's happening.

"People have been stealing and moving her stuff and it upsets me people have been putting their hands on my daughter's grave."

Phil Wright, director of operational services for Erewash Borough Council, said such crimes were very distressing for all concerned.

"The cemeteries are closed overnight and we have regular patrols by the wardens.

"When we do hear about anti-social behaviour in any of our public spaces we try to task the wardens service and also work with police to nip this sort of thing in the bud."

Mr Wright advised those tending graves not to leave anything of "great intrinsic value" to deter potential thieves.

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