Police to crack down on anti-social behaviour in Derby

Police have been given extra powers to tackle anti-social behaviour in a Derby suburb.

A dispersal order has been issued for the Stanton Street area of Normanton which will run for six months until October.

It follows complaints from residents about groups of youths gathering in the area involved in nuisance behaviour.

The order gives police the power to move on groups of people if they suspect disorder or harassment.

No 'soft option'

It also gives them the power to take unsupervised youths home after 2100 BST.

Insp Richard Keene said: "We have got to the point in this area where the use of the dispersal order is necessary because of a minority of people creating problems and seriously affecting the quality of life of businesses, visitors and residents in the area."

He said any alcohol seized will be immediately destroyed and letters sent to parents and carers of the young people involved.

"I want to stress that while we are involved in providing alternative things for these youngsters to do, this is not about a soft option.

"We will be out and about patrolling the areas pro-actively and will not hesitate to take positive action in order to tackle any anti-social behaviour or crime where appropriate."

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