Police call for licensing restrictions in Derby

Police are asking for tough new licensing restrictions in Derby because of an increase in alcohol-related trouble at night.

They want a block on any more pubs and clubs known as "vertical drinking establishments" - where people mostly stand up to drink.

Officers said people going to such places at night were more at risk of alcohol-related harm.

The police will put their idea to the city council for approval next month.

Ch Supt Andy Hough of Derbyshire Police said people in the "vertical" establishments were "likely to become more vulnerable to the issues around alcohol-related harm, whether that's accidental, somebody's drunk and falls over, or actually engaged as a victim or perpetrator of crime and disorder".

Officers fear large numbers of people are more likely to drink quicker in venues where music was loud and there was less likelihood of conversation.

Ch Supt Hough said: "We want to protect those who are vulnerable - and I include within that those who do get drunk - because I'm not here to criminalise people who, day to day, behave themselves."

In 2006/7, there were 105 alcohol-related crimes and incidents in the city centre.

The way the figures are collated has changed, but in 2009/10 there were 618.

A public consultation could be held and police said the block on "vertical drinking" establishments could be in force by April.

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