Derbyshire care costs contribution call

Residents receiving adult care services in Derbyshire could be asked to cover some of their own costs.

A consultation has started asking people their opinions on contributing to care services from disability and living allowances.

Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Councillor Charles Jones, said if no action was taken, Derbyshire could face a £90m budget shortfall in five years.

The consultation is due to run until the end of November.

"We can no longer afford to carry on as we are and have no choice but to make changes," said Conservative County Councillor Jones.

"We think our plans offer the fairest and best solution. No one currently receiving our care services will lose them without a full assessment of their future needs."

The plans include raising the level at which some people qualify for some forms of care, asking people to take out a warranty to cover the cost of maintenance to stairlifts, hoists and lifts and ending automatic top-up grants for major adaptions to disabled people's homes.

Mr Jones reassured people they would not be paying more than £23.90 from their disability living or attendance allowance and that no income-related benefits, pensions or value of main homes would be taken into account.

"The number of elderly people is growing and we need to secure the long-term future of these vital services in Derbyshire," he said.