Number of councillors After 150 of 150 councils
  1. Labour, 2350 councillors, +79
  2. Conservative, 1332 councillors, -35
  3. Liberal Democrat, 536 councillors, +75
  4. Green, 39 councillors, +8
  5. UKIP, 3 councillors, -123
  6. Others, 144 councillors, -4

Local Elections 2018: No majority at Carlisle council

Colin Glover, Labour, Carlisle City Council
Image caption Labour leader Colin Glover said "there will be discussions" after his group lost a seat

Carlisle City Council remains a hung council after none of the parties gained enough seats for a majority.

Labour needed just one gain for a majority, but lost a seat to the Conservatives.

The Yewdale ward was the only one of 17 contested seats to change hands.

This brings the Tory tally to 22, while Labour - which has been running the council - remains the largest party with 25 seats out of 52.

There was no change to the number of Lib Dem seats, which stands at one, and there are four independents.

Image caption Conservative group leader John Mallinson said the result was thanks to the government's record

Labour Leader Colin Glover said: "We are still the largest party and we will need to have some discussions in the coming days, but as of this moment I'm still leader of Carlisle City Council."

John Mallinson, Conservative group leader, said people were giving his party credit for its record in government.

He said: "I think the government is proving that they're getting their heads down and working towards solutions for all sorts of problems that are affecting people in their daily lives."

Voting has also taken place in South Lakeland District Council, where all 51 seats were involved following a reorganisation by the Local Government Boundary Commission.

The Liberal Democrats held the authority with 28 seats, but were down three.

The Conservatives gained three, giving a total of 19, and Labour won three seats - an increase of one.

There is no longer an Independent candidate on the council.

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