Cumbrian officials planning to care for up to 67 child refugees

Cumbria is considering taking 67 unaccompanied child refugees - a year after shelving plans because of last winter's floods, the BBC understands.

Last year, Cumbria County Council was due to take 30 Syrian families, but in December Flood Desmond hit and all temporary accommodation was filled.

The new plan is being handled by the Cumbria Leadership Board - which is made up of local councils.

No-one at the board was available for comment.

But BBC Radio Cumbria understands that a statement will be released shortly.

James Cartwright is spokesman for the Carlisle Refugee Action Group, made of volunteers who deliver food and other supplies to refugees and recently visited the camp in Calais.

'Meeting to meeting'

He welcomed the move, but said the county was still to slow to accept refugees despite the floods.

He said: "It's a year since we were talking about bringing 30 refugee families here and for obvious reasons because of floods it was delayed.

"But it's hard to see why were are in the same situation we were a year ago. Half of the homes that were flooded out - people are back in them.

"We were looking for homes for 30 families - we weren't looking for thousands of properties like we were this time last year.

"We seem to have gone from meeting to meeting from an announcement due in July to September to November then nothing was discussed."

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